Christy Charming

We call Christy Christy Charming because she is so incredibly nice. She is the kind of chick that you want to date and treat like a queen. But Christy has a little naughty streak in her. She loves to masturbate and play with her Puffy Peach, especially for an audience. See it grow a dark red as she gets excited. You can see the build up of her woman juice as she gets turned on by her touch. Christy can make deep cameltoes using the thong of her panties but she really loves to get her warm fingers in there to pull her hole open as she gives eye contact to her fans. Delicious!

Pussy: Puffy PEACH
Age: 19 yrs.
Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs
Height: 167 cm / 5" 5'
Cups: -C-
From: Czech Republic