Lea Magic

Lea Magic has a lot of experience as an erotic dancer in her home country of the Czech Republic. Her petite size and big tits make her a crowd favorite every time she steps on the stage but now she wants to expand her fame outside of a few local clubs to become a truly international sensation! Looking at her Puffy Peach she definitely has what it takes to excel in the world of close-up nude modeling online. Her vagina is an excellent example of the plump, sweet and juicy variety that Wet And Puffy fans crave. The kind of twat you want to just pinch between your fingers and roll back and forth so you can feel her folds of skin softly caressing your finger-tips. Lea loves the attention and her fans think her abilities are nothing short of magical!

Pussy: Puffy PEACH
Age: 24 yrs.
Weight: 62 kg / 137 lbs
Height: 157 cm / 5" 1'
Cups: -D-
From: Czech Republic